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Domestic Shipping

We offer full or partial domestic shipping service within Georgia. The mentioned service you can use for container shipment from the airport to the any direction and from the customs to your warehouse as well.

Air Shipping

We offer air shipping service from anywhere to any direction of the world. The priority of air shipping are short term forwarding service and high level of safety.

Out of Gauge Cargo

In case your cargo is out of gauge (the dimensions of cargo are more than following figures: length-13.6 m, width – 2.50m. height – 3 m. and weight -24 ton.) we provide transportation procedures with special equipment and ensure their deliver to any destination.

Consolidated Cargo Transportation

If you d’ like to organize transportation of consolidated cargo this service allows to forward cargo in the shortest time and reasonable price. Through to this service your cargo will be consolidated with the freights of other companies and placed on the truck.

Brokerage Service

We offer full range of brokerage service from pick up to delivery to the place of destination. We provide the customs document preparation and permissions getting procedures.

Maritime Shipping

We offer maritime container shipping service which includes: door to door, port to pot and full service of customs duties.

Dangerous Cargos

For transportation of dangerous cargoes we use specialized vehicles which have corresponding permissions. Our drivers are trained according to this assignment.


Ensuring your goods will allow you to exclude possible product damage fees (due to transportation risks) from your business calculations. Therefore, you will be able to concentrate on your business goals.

Working Process

Our Transportation Manager will arrange the best shipment route according to your demands in the shortest time.

  • We will arrange Picking and delivering cargo to the airport

  • Warehousing

  • Preparing documentation

Optimized Service

Will offer corresponded services in due time:

  • Temperature regimen if needed - ensuring required temperature

  • Arranging and controlling corresponded documentation in case of transportation of dangerous goods

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