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Every exporter or importer needs the services of Air Shipping for the transfer of goods golobally. Air Cargo services are important for the faster delivery of goods from one country to another or from one place to another worldwide. The Air Cargo is the fastest way for the shipment of goods in contrast to sea cargo. Through Ship Cargo you can transfer goods in 20 to 30 days while in Air Cargo; you can transfer goods only in the three days.

What kinds of goods shipped through Air Shipping? Normally Electronics, Pharmaceuticals and Apparel products are shipped through Air Cargo. The seasonal products, highly demanded products, samples and documents are also shipped through air cargo.

What cost factors include in Air Cargo? Below is the list of cost factors includes in the Air Cargo:

  • Cost associated with fuel (fuel cost)
  • Security cost.
  • Freight costs related to terminal handling.
  • Transfer costs at the airport

Other costs that are included in the Air AIR FREIGHT are:

  • Insurance cost
  • Custom duty
  • Delivery and pickup costs

Two types of Air Cargo shipment are:

  1. International Air Freight: International handles transfer a huge amount of goods and in some cases multiple carriers needed.
  2. Express Freight: Used for the transfer of smaller shipment. The examples of such kind of services are DHL, UPS and FedEx.


Key Factors For Air Cargo Freight Charges

Mainly the two factors counted in the freight charge of Air Cargo:

  1. Weight
  2. Volume

Almost every cargo company charged on the basis of the actual volume weight or volumetric weight or depends on which one is more costly. The volume weight of goods is also known as the dimensional weight.

Many online calculators are available to measure the dimensional weight or actual weight for the light shipment.


Advantages Of Shiping Through Air

If you are looking to ship your goods through the air then you must  need to be aware of the pros & cons associated with the Air Cargo. So, why you need to ship by Air Cargo?


  1. Speed: First important factor you consider in the shipment of good through Air Cargo is the speed or fastness. Through sea cargo, you transfer goods between 20 to 30 days and by Air Cargo, you save your time by sending goods in 3 days. However, you need to bear the extra cost in contrast to sea cargo.
  2. Reliability: Knowledge and Freight tracking help you to transfer goods at the desired place on right time.
  3. Protection: Goods protection is more in Air shipment in comparison to Sea Shipment, there are more chances of damaging of goods in the sea cargo.


Only one disadvantage associated with the air cargo shipment is the high cost, however, it doesn’t matter if you are time conscious!

  • Borderless logistics in the world.

  • Delivery unlimited to every where.

  • Fueling your logistics chain.

  • Borderless logistics in the world.

  • Delivery unlimited to every where.

  • Fueling your logistics chain.

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