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Project Logistics for Heavy Loads


Project Logistics includes planning, organization, control, execution & control of the entire material, entire goods flow and the associated flow of information. Before runs over the logistics project, all approach planning and the different values of creation stages of the procurement can be under concentration. The logistics run over the production, up to the delivery of the products at the customer including the waste disposal and the recycling.

Our logistics department provides comprehensive consulting, we handle from consulting to implementation and controlling. Thanks to customized, intelligent planning, from inside to outside, we develop the right solution, modified to each product.


Solid planning work, refined transport concept, and special equipment are essential when heavy building parts have to be moved from the production site to the point of use or if a complete factory is relocated from one place to another. If in our projects involves offshore foundations for a wind park, steam boilers for an industrial plant or bulky modules for a hotel, and not only for the domestic market but internationally too than our specialist team at Rhenus Project Logistics is available to handle your inquiries about shipping heavy items at any time. The member of this team is more intelligent and highly qualified persons.


1: Reliability:

Reliability is one of the great advantages of the logistics project. It is an essential component in providing highly effective project logistics – every day.

2: Positivity:

Our project teams face any kind of challenges in positive manners before they occur.

3: Comprehensive:  

Our logistics project is more comprehensive and it completes project logistic work after consultation.

4: Handled easily:

No distance is too far and no load is too heavy for our logistics project team.


Special Project Cargo


The project logistics team provides efficient and professional project logistics services to more and more customers. These project teams are helping to carry overweight transfinite equipment at the time of factory relocating and yacht vehicle transport at the production site to showrooms.

Project cargo charged freight according to nature, size or quantity. The capabilities of our project handling include:


  •    Freight cooperation (long-term rate validities, COA negotiation,)
  •    Administration (trade documentation, customs clearance)
  •    Location assessment/achievability studies (routes, political climate, and weather,)
  •    Full / part charter parties (trip charters/ air charters, time)
  •    Special equipment transport (open tops, flat racks, artificial twin deck solution platforms)
  • Borderless logistics in the world.

  • Delivery unlimited to every where.

  • Fueling your logistics chain.

  • Borderless logistics in the world.

  • Delivery unlimited to every where.

  • Fueling your logistics chain.

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